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early summers in millerton
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When Millerton Calls

Known as a great antique shopping destination, Millerton offers incredible countryside views just 2-hours north of Manhattan. Be sure to stop for the best pizza in town and stay awhile for dinners alfresco, rosy sunsets and watching for fireflies.

Here’s my travel guide of the senses for Millerton, NY:

The smell of: charcoal, summer dew, your grandfather’s closet

The feel of: your oldest sweater

Bring: rosewater spray, Hunter boots, Laphroaig

Not to miss: Chaseholm Farmstore for fresh cheese, raw milk, salumi

magical sage and gin summer cocktail fred darling devon rae
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The Dev

New York City is truly the coolest little/big hub. A total cluster fudge of walks of life, story, taste. I love that at any given minute, you can meet the love of your life or, your new favorite cocktail.

Where: Antica Pesa, Williamsburg

What: The Dev, a magical sage and gin drink (and totally off the menu/secret!) by full time songstress, part time magical drink maker, Devon Rae