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My Best Friend’s Wedding

It feels like we were just roaming Newbury Street on a hot summer day in Boston. You were interning for a wedding planner, I was acting in LA visiting. I remember the boy who broke your heart that summer, the same one you were there for. We spent that entire weekend with him eating famous clam chowders and watching Tom Brady play with the rest of the townies.

You were always the cooler one, turning me on to beer at a Celtics game. You promised it was an acquired taste. We danced the night away the night the Celtics won celebrating just because.

Fast forward to you, in Chicago, living your best life with the love of your life whom you met while pursuing a master’s degree in an entirely unrelated career. And here I am, writing in New York City, flying out with him to help surprise you.

Cheers to life not always turning out the way we want it, darling. Every turn leading us to our happiest ending.

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My Happy Place?

The library. And maybe she’s to blame.

I like to spend time at a local bookstore or library. There’s nothing better than grabbing a coffee and strolling along the aisles of unread books. I usually grab a few and drop wherever I am to leaf through.

I enjoy finding treasures along my strolls, for example, the Danish way of living! I always wondered why they’re the happiest people. And so I piled on all of the books I could find, while eating croissant, that there is a method to the happiness- hygge!

Did you know “hygge” is closely defined as “coziness of the soul”? I absolutely love that! And if that’s too aloof for you, a hug in English is the closest feeling.

Comfort, conviviality, simple indulgence and well being are hygge’s means of pleasure.

How to Hygge: cooking with feel good foods from forest, field, and farm. Partaking in cake and buzzy drinks with friends. Purposefully appreciating time with those we love and with animals. Maintaining a simply designed home but efficient too to leave more time with dog.

Lola (picture above) is my best friend & my 24/7 Hygge